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Silicone rubber cable development trend


        Silicone rubber cable industry in the country has achieved fruitful results. However, the development space is still concentrated in the domestic market, and the market environment is not optimistic. In particular, the “reverse bidding” mechanism implemented by domestic operators in collecting and mining violates the basic principles of market competition and affects the healthy development of the silicone electric wire industry. In this regard, relevant government departments need to implement corresponding guidance, supervision and supervision. In response to this problem, two reports on the "Research Report on the Harmonious Development of China's Communications Industry Chain" and the "Policy Study on Promoting the Innovation and Upgrading of China's Optical Fiber and Cable Industry" commissioned by the China Communications Enterprise Association have been sent to the relevant government departments through the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. reflect. According to statistics of several large-scale fiber optic cable companies, the R&D costs account for an average of 3.96% of annual sales revenue, while the industry average is even lower. At the same time, fiber-optic companies place too much emphasis on the return on investment in the near-term, and they also lack input in the reserve and training of basic research personnel.
      Faced with the gradual saturation of the market environment and the various drawbacks of the company's own development, the transformation and upgrading of the company has also been imminent. Faced with the pressure of overcapacity of optical fiber and optical fiber cables, we will open up a diversified development road and step out of the road with our own characteristics. We will continue to increase upstream core technology investment, improve product quality, reduce production costs, and increase our own core competitiveness; Some product advantages, gradually increase the market share of overseas markets, low prices and focus on quality, and out of the sustainable development of overseas markets. The related silicone rubber cable companies stated that Chinese companies already have a relatively short strength with overseas manufacturers. After this five-year period of fiber anti-dumping protection, domestic enterprises will steadily move toward the international market.
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