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Application and performance of fire resistant wire and cable


Fire-resistant wire and cable for rated voltage 0.6 / 1KV and below plastic insulated power cables, 450 / 750V and below all kinds of electrical equipment used in wire and cable place, especially for fire-resistant transmission and distribution of various types of requirements, control, alarm And fire protection system and other lines. Fire-resistant cables are widely used in places related to fire safety and firefighting life-saving such as high-rise buildings, underground railways, underground streets, major power stations and important industrial and mining enterprises. For example, power supply lines and control lines for emergency facilities such as fire-fighting equipment and emergency guidance lights are available. Fire-resistant wire and cable for any fire in the still need to maintain the normal operation of lines such as industrial and civil buildings, fire protection systems, emergency lighting systems, life-saving systems, alarms and important monitoring circuit. Commonly used in: 1, fire pumps, spray pumps, fire elevator power lines and control wires. 2, fire shutter doors, electric fire doors, exhaust fan system, exhaust valve, fire control valve power supply control circuit. 3, fire alarm system manual alarm lines, fire radio and telephone lines. 4, high-rise buildings and airports, subway and other important facilities in the security CCTV lines. 5, centralized power supply emergency lighting lines, control and protection of power lines. 6, large and medium-sized substations important relay protection circuit and operation of power lines. Fire-resistant wire and cable performance: 1, the conductor long-term allowable working temperature: XLPE insulation 90 ℃; PVC insulation: (ordinary) 70 ℃, (high temperature) 105 ℃ 2, fire insulation: According to the different fire resistance grades were selected synthetic mica Belt and phlogopite band. Fire-resistant cables, fire-resistant synthetic mica tape, its fire-resistant.
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